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Your Blender. Yes, Your Freaking Blender


Your Blender. Yes, Your Freaking Blender

Seriously, your freaking blender. And we aren’t talking about smoothies here, we are talking about hacking attempts. Home networks are expanding at a wild rate, and many families are integrating their appliances onto a mainframe networking system. The idea is grand in its own simplicity. But, while mom may be able to turn on the washing machine, preheat the oven, and turn down the A/C while watching Desperate Housewives, the technology does bring forth a myriad of destructive possibilities. True, when we think of hacking attempts, we tend to focus on the attacks against our computers, digital lives, or banking accounts. But, as more and more people integrate their appliances onto mainframes, hackers will be given the opportunity to hack the mainframe. Even though the blender is self contained and unable to produce any evils onto your life, if a hacker wanted to, he could turn on your blender and ensue panic. Given, most hackers aren’t of the Droog mold (or even anything out of a Michael Haneke film), the hacker can work his way into your home out of surprise via bait and switch. I don’t mean to cause alarm, or stir an uprising against blenders or automated home mainframe networking. I just wanted to share with you my concerns over the blender apocalypse….the more you know!

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