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Trent Reznor Throws Down on Social Music


Trent Reznor Throws Down on Social Music

Do you use any of the following: Pandora, Turntable.Fm, Last.Fm, Spotify? If so, Trent Reznor probably hates you. Ha, I’m kidding…he probably already hates you (and everyone else). In a recent interview, the Nine Inch Nails front-man went on record saying, “I don’t care what my friends are listening to. Because I am cooler than they are.” Simply put, he doesn’t like social recommendations. I suppose we can easily call out the irony after Reznor contributed the tunes towards Social Network, a film that illustrates the instigating that has led to the overabundance of ‘sharing’. What’s my point? Simply a challenge. Do you really give a damn about what your friends are listening to? My friends listen to some awful music. Seriously, you guys do and you need to stop it. If someone has some fresh beats they want me to ingest, they make me a mix tape. This is only a small representation of the growing attitude towards social media. What is the real purpose? From a business standpoint, there is a growing sector of start-up companies working towards creating better sharing methods. But in the end, I don’t give a damn that you like listening to Linkin Park. More musicians need to vocalize their opinions on how social and digital media is evolving their music. I mean, hell man, doesn’t anyone just do it for the music anymore? You sold me out.

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