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Top 10 Slang Words from the 90s


Top 10 Slang Words from the 90s

The 90s: a time when the world was rife with possibility, comedy,  and cool stuff. I think most people would agree that the 90s were cool. If you didn’t get to spend any time there, then you clearly aren’t cool.  Also, you probably aren’t privy to all the way cool slang words we used to talk about stuff. Let me lend you a hand. 10. Da bomb: Used to describe something that is really neat. Example– That episode of Friends was da bomb! 9. Talk to the Hand: Used to dismiss someone’s comments by illustrating their words are not worthy of your ears. Example– You want me to clean my what, mom? Talk to the hand! 8. My Bad: Used to admit guilt in a situation (not to be confused with did I do that?). Example- My bad, I thought that was my Lunchable. I didn’t realize it was yours. 7. Diss: Used to show disrespect . Example- My teacher tried to diss me by saying Goosebumps aren’t good books. 6. Going Postal: Used to create a juxtaposition between a situation and insanity. Example- John is going to go postal when he finds out Full House is cancelled. 5. As if: Used to illustrate disbelieve and lack of care. Example- You want to go see Titanic? As if! 4. Your Mom: Used as a parallel to demonstrate the lack of credibility of a statement in conjunction with the lower social standing of one’s mother. Example- You think Keanu Reeves is Gay?…Your mom! 3. It’s all Good: Used to demonstrate the likely-hood of a situation panning out well. Example- We won’t get caught by the cops…it’s all good! 2. …Not: Used to create a negative contrast against a previously illustrated idea. Example– I love snowboarding!…Not! 1. Whomp, there it is: Used to demonstrate an act as existing without prior knowledge, or to show the accomplishment of a task without the foreknowledge of other parties. Example- Before you ask, I already cleaned the garage. Whomp, there it is!

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