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Top 10 Funnest and Forgotten Snacks



Top 10 Funnest and Forgotten Snacks

When I say fun, we aren’t talking about New Coke, or those Twizzlers that peeled into strings. We aren’t talking about Gogurt, although I once chugged Gogurt until I puked, not fun. Zima, maybe, but I was too young to enjoy it during its prime. But alas, the 90s were oh so delicious. Some snacks you can still get, like Lunchables (though I don’t suggest you do this). Others, like Fruity Pebbles, are also still in play. But good luck finding these other 10 gems: Can’t get enough? Check out the Top 10 Forgotten Toys!


10. Crystal Pepsi

It’s Pepsi, and it’s crystal clear. It’s caffeine free and a healthy alternative to brown cola. The ‘clear cola’ movement didn’t last much past 1994, probably ending as soon as Tab Clear hit the market.



9. String Thing

The fruit snack craze is still going strong, but nothing like it was in the 90s. Every cartoon, action figure, and movie had their own brand. Betty Crocker’s String Thing upped the anty, and gave children a fun food they could play with. Unraveling a spaceship from a piece of cardboard was never so much fun!



8. Shark Bites

Betty Crocker really defined the fruit snack movement, and Shark Bites were no exception. The mysterious white shark was a fav among lunch tables nationwide, and debates still rage on about the exact flavor of the great white fruit snack.



7. Orbitz

Clearly Canadian was quite popular in its own right during the 90s. But Orbitz threw caution to the wind by mixing delicious non-carbonated fruit beverage with floating flavored balls. Yum! 1997 is the only year that can take claim to seeing Orbitz on the shelf. Apparently, the bottles are collectors items now…?


6. Butterfinger Milk

Milk A low fat alternative to eating a Butterfinger then drinking a glass of milk. It was the perfect peanut butter, chocolate dairy storm of flavor, but it didn’t last long. It’s hard to find any info on this product, or anyone else that remembers it, but trust me, it existed!


5. Dunkaroos

Mmmmmm, enough said. I’m told the cookie and frosting dip combo can still be found on select markets, but it is not the same with out the Australian Kangaroo tempting us with his hoppity goodness. I think the product descended from grace when they dropped Sydney as the mascot and discovered Duncan the Dunkin Daredevil from the Dunk-a-Roos Kangaroo Kanga-Who Search.



4. Swirlers Oatmeal

The concept was simple, but the results were serious. Often times, oatmeal is bland, boring, and flavorless. But, take a packet of red gel, and swirl it over your oats, and you have a party! Design a picture of your girlfriend, a dinosaur, or even a rocketship! Then of course, eat the design.



3. Bubble Play/WWF Ice Cream Bars

Even ice cream used to be cooler. Again, in the same vain as fruit snacks, every cartoon hero and movie star had an ice cream related product. The Bubble Play was most notable, as it came with a gumball strategically placed in the center of a baseball glove shaped ice cream treat. The WWF Ice Cream bars were equally notable as they combined cookies, chocolate, and ice cream, while giving the consumer a cool design of their favorite wrestler on the cookie, and a collectible card!


2. Fruit Stripe Gum

The gum race was a close one, with Juicy Fruit and Double Mint in a close second and third (Mentos is also to be noted for their great commercials yet sub par product). But Fruit Stripes was king among kids. The gum can still be found in many Toys ‘r’ Us stores nationwide. The variety of flavor in a pack, coupled with the sweet tattoo’s, and kick ass giraffe make this gum unforgettable!



1. Koala Yummies

They were cute, and scrumptious, and just plain awesome. The chocolate filled cookie treats have stood the test of time, and evolved into a few different avenues. Unlike the Dunkaroo’s, which let the eater put cookie into the icing, Koala Yummies streamlined the eating process by combining the two. Yum indeed!



So that’s the list. We do feel bad for not including Cheetoh Paws, 3D Dorito’s, and Fruitopia, but what can ya do.

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