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Top 10 Deep Fried Foods


Top 10 Deep Fried Foods

I can’t take all the credit for this article. In fact, I really haven’t eaten much of the food on this list. However, Dan has. And I blame him for this article. Thanks Dan, Than. In any event, these apparently are the top ten foods in which you can eat while destroying your heart. This is sort of the ultimate showdown of fried foods.

10. Hot Dog –
Upon hearing that a deep fried hot dog existed, I was immediately curious. I know laws had been recently passed to allow cooks the ability to grill hot dogs, but deep fry? The end result is a crispy outside with a yummy inside. All the hot dog flavors are amplified against that weird hot dog skin. No boots are used in the process, and the amount of lamb intestine is limited to a sparing amount.

9. Ice cream  –
Common sense be damned. Fried ice cream just makes no sense! A crispy outside with a creamy filling. That’s what she said! But seriously, it is amazing.



8. Potatoes – A fried potato is so much cooler than you can imagine. Some people call them freedom french fries! But mostly, they are stripped down, sliced, salted, and fried pieces of goodness.



7. Fish/Chicken/Alligator/Meat – Meat. It’s whats for dinner. So why not fry that meat? That is what I thought. Everything is better when fried. Obviously fried chicken is a staple. England is still addicted to fish and chips, and apparently people eat fried alligator. Wait, wtf?

6. Oreo – Another example of a food being stellar on its own. However, when dropped into oil and brought to a bubbling mess of crispy coating, the fried oreo is not to be messed with. The inside becomes gooey, and the
outside crispy. Mmmmmmmm.



5. Candy – Snickers, Milky Way, Reese’s, Mars bars….dip them into the fry pit and enjoy. The chocolate produces this majestic explosion of justice and servitude. The mouth can only take so many flavors at once, and this treat pushes the limit!


4. Lobster tail
I wasn’t totally sure this beast existed. It is like ordering a restaurant’s first best food, stuffed with their second. The result is usually lobster stuffed with tacos. But deep frying it? I love that someone had to bright idea to take something delicious, and expensive, and fry the crap out of it!



3. Vegetables – Many people don’t realize the versatility of fried vegetables, but I bet you have eaten one. Don’t believe me? Did you know that onion rings are just fried onions? I didn’t think you knew! Mushrooms, zucchini, pickles…the list is endless! Too bad nobody eats vegetables unless they are fried in buttery, greasy, oily goodness. I wonder if they deep fry asparagus…? or maybe even if they deep fry okra?


2. Bacon – This is sort of the holy grail of fried foods. I once watched Thomas eat deep fried bacon covered in chocolate. After I asked him how it was, he responded: it was deep fried bacon covered in chocolate. I can’t argue with that. This is the ultimate fried food…except for #1.



1. Twinkie – The innovator of the deep fried movement. Somehow, someone decided that a Twinkie was a good idea. Years later, someone else decided to drop that mushy piece of sponge into batter and fry it. The result is a super Twinkie. It cannot be stopped, and will reek havoc on your stomach for hours. Get a fryer of your own to try these tasty treats at home…. just click on the image


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