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Top 10 Board Games from the 90s


Top 10 Board Games from the 90s

The 90s are quickly disappearing into the review mirror of the present. As each day passes, games become more interactive, and less broad. A widening gap exists between games today and games a decade ago (or longer). But, with video games being a luxury most families can afford, the allure of family game night and board games in general, has subsided into a passing memory. On that note, lets recant some of the top board games from the 90s. *All of these games can easily be transformed into drinking games for able aged adults. Click on the pictures to find the games. 10. KnockOut Originally created in the 80s, Knock Out was revamped and re-purposed a hip 90s culture. Boasting neon colored blocks, a surfer dude construction worker, and a rammer hammer, players competed to knock bricks out of a wall, without making it fall. Think of it as a mix of Jenga and Don’t Break the Ice. It’s a blast! 9. 13 Dead End Drive Clue was always so passe. So when 13 Dead End Drive hit the scene, us kids went nuts. Finally a game where players not only had to solve a crime, but got to kill people in the process. The traps where designed like Mouse Trap, but the game def played more like Clue. If you happen upon this one at a garage sale, make sure to check all the pieces, as they get lost easily. 8. Don’t Wake Daddy Simple in concept, yet detailed in premise. The game is simple: Don’t wake daddy. The trickery, however, comes in the game play. As kids, you must sneak to the kitchen for a snack. But, along the way, you draw cards dictating how many times you must press daddy’s alarm clock. Obviously, a slew of inappropriate gasps and giggles quickly ensue. 7. Ask Zandar Wizardry, Magic 8 Balls, and Ouija board. Mix these things together and you have Ask Zandar. I never played this game, as I wasn’t a mage in my early years. The premise of the game resulted around guessing how Zandar would respond to your questions. If you’re right, you win a gem. If wrong, you lose your soul. 6. Electronic Mall Madness Ah yes, the 90s can easily be defined by the mall culture. The original Mall Madness hit the scene in the 80s, but the 90s brought us the electronic version, filled with credit cards and audio announcements of the best sales. It’s not just for chicks bro. 5. X-Men Alert Game When I was a youngster, this game was the apex of a fun afternoon. This game mixes everything from Marvel mythology to intense game play. Characters must race around the board, defeating and imprisoning evil mutants. There are a a lot of different characters to play as, so that’s cool. 4. Eat at Ralph’s Ralph is a guy, and he is hungry. So you must feed him. Think of this as Hungry, Hungry Hippos…but more fun. The thing is, if Ralph doesn’t like what you feed him, he is just going to throw it back up at you. So be careful, and FEED RALPH! 3. Thin Ice A proper mix of Don’t Break the Ice, and Jenga, Thin Ice emerges as a tense/psychological thriller. I thank Eric for suggesting this one. Thanks Eric. Theric. But the premise teeters on nerve wrecking and downright downtrodden. Essentially, players take turns dropping marbles onto a tissue. If the tissue breaks, then you lose…and things get intense. 2. Mr. Bucket Fine! This isn’t really a board game. But how dare you question the validity of including Mr. Bucket in any list! If you need a refresher, simply listen to his theme song: I’m Mr. Bucket, balls pop out of my mouth; I’m Mr. Bucket, a ball is what I’m about; I’m Mr. Bucket, we’re all gonna run; I’m Mr. Bucket, buckets of fun! 1. Crossfire Fact: this game was first released in 1971. Fact: who cares because the 1992 version is 1,000x better. Don’t believe me? Watch the commercial. Don’t want to? Doesn’t matter because I just scored my last ball and you are going to catapulted into oblivion.

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