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It’s Time To Drive The Car of Your Dreams

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It’s Time To Drive The Car of Your Dreams

As a Turkish immigrant that had just graduated Georgetown, Bora Hamamcioglu quickly realized that if he wanted to succeed in securing a job, he needed to build one on his own. Thus, he focused on a childhood dream and passion: sports cars. Bora wants to democratize access to the cars of our dreams by streamlining the rental process and bringing it online. 


CarHopper is a bespoke online/mobile rental platform for luxury cars headquartered in Miami, with operations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.
What’s interesting about this startup is that by sourcing inventory from privately owned rental companies, not only does CarHopper help make the renting of luxury car more efficient, but also, it helps bring down the costs, making it more affordable for its members. CarHopper has the opportunity to streamline the U.S. luxury car rental market, which represents $5 Billion in yearly revenue and continues to grow at 10% (Statista).McLaren 570
So the next time you are in LA, Vegas, Orlando or Ft. Lauderdale be sure to ZOOM your way into some fun! 
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