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The App That Matches People To Places Based On Personality


The App That Matches People To Places Based On Personality

Woofound, a Maryland-based startup aiming to match your personality to things you want to do, is today launching its iOS application nationwide. The app turns rating activities, places and restaurants into a simple, visual game in order to serve up highly personalized recommendations. You rate things by tapping or clicking “Me” or “Not Me” on the items suggested – it feels something like a “Hot or Not” for your interests, in fact. In addition to today’s launch, the company is also announcing it has now raised over $1 million in funding, from private investors and angel sources. The technology designed to match personality types was built in conjunction with psychoanalyst and psychotherapist Dr. Noreen Honeycutt, who has a private practice in Baltimore. The quiz itself may seem simple, but it can already identify over 300 different levels of personality and preferences. And while its initial use case is consumer-facing – finding things to do friends, see who’s attending events, share event details on social networks – the actual technology powering the app has other potential use cases beyond social.

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