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Tech Toys of 2012


Tech Toys of 2012

With all the buzz over the iPad 2, the iPhone 4 and the new Kindle Fire, it would seem as though tablets and smart phones are the only two products in the category of “technology toys”.  So I went ahead and did my own research to come across some of the coolest technology products coming out in 2012, lets get to it! LG Smartscan Mouse The concept here is pretty simple, LG developed a mouse that also doubles up as a scanner. You simply click the smart scan button on the mouse and swipe the mouse over the material that needs to be scanned. LG’s Optical Character Recognition technology converts the scan into a Microsoft Word document so that you can edit the document if need be. The device can scan up to an A3 page size, larger than most portable scanners.

Sony Personal 3D Viewer Sony’s new device is a head-mounted “Personal 3D Viewer” that is slipped onto your head to view movies in stunning HD picture quality. The device also comes with built-in surround-sound headphones. Gamers and movie jocks, rejoice!

Toshiba No-Glasses 3D TV This new Toshiba TV creates the illusion of depth without the use of special 3D glasses. The technology works by sending images of different perspectives to the right eye as compared to the left eye.

Slimmest Digital Camera
The new Sony Cyber-shot TX55 is only 12.2mm thin, making it the worlds thinnest camera. Fully loaded with an amazing 16.2 megapixel camera and full HD video capabilities, and it also has the option of shooting pictures in 3D. The back panel of the camera has a 8.3 by 3.3 inch touch-screen to view pictures and videos.  Just 12.2mm slim, the Cyber-shot TX55 is the world’s thinnest camera. It captures 16.2 megapixel still images and full HD video. The camera’s back panel has an 8.3cm/3.3 inch touch-screen for showing off photos and movie clips.

LG’s Plasma TV With ‘Pentouch’ A TV that can be connected to a computer, to simply put it. Users can use “PenTouch” mode on the remote control to access, edit, and move files around the screen. Users can use the PenTouch software to draw pictures directly onto the screen which is built using scratch-resistant glass.

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