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Success By Design: A Book Review


Success By Design: A Book Review

With the rate at which small businesses have been popping up and are being developed, it is important that there are books being developed to help assist and create ease with their growth. Success By Design was written by Richard B. Sanford and published by Simplified Strategic Business Planning LLC. Success By Design does an impressive job with outlining the steps it takes to successfully start and continue the growth of a small business.  From the beginning of the book Sanford stresses the importance of having a business mission, a company purpose and continues instruction on how to implement these parts. There is a great tool in the form of a worksheet in chapter 8 for reviewing the success of a company’s strategic planning. The Strategic Action Plan Results Reports should be done yearly so that it is used to its fullest potential and any adjustments for greater success can be made the following year. There are also detailed notes that highlight important segments throughout the book that help with the step-by-step navigation for a small business owner. This book is available for $39.95. Buy a copy here.

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