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Spotify Music Services Now available In U.S


Spotify Music Services Now available In U.S

  For months European music lovers have been enjoying the new hit music server Spotify and now their colonial brothers and sisters can indulge as it has finally arrived on U.S shores. Today Sptoify made its triumphant debut in that states to compete with comparable services like Pandora and Rdio. Spotify allows you to search, play, and manage nearly every song ever recorded for absolutely nothing. There are no required memberships or individual song fees that come with the server; just a simple download and you get to enjoy your favorite tunes for as long as you please. Like any company, profit has to come from somewhere. Spotify is ad-supported, but if you whish to prevent the occasional interruption you can join Spotify for 4.99 a month and you get unlimited music access, but the choice is completely up to you. The membership does come with perks like being able to sync your playlist with your computer or mobile phone and be able to listen to them even when your not connected to the internet. Currently the free version of the services requires an invitation in order to gain access and listen to the music, but you can sign up to get on the list at the Spotify website . If you’re wanting to make the leap straight to a member you can skip the list and go straight to listening to your favorite music. After checking out the website I’d say its hard to go wrong joining Spotify. Itunes better watch out with all the free streaming music they have, what the point of paying for songs anymore?

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