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Roseanne Conner: The New Vice President


Roseanne Conner: The New Vice President

Way back when, there was a TV show about an obese American family living the American dream (having kids they couldn’t afford while living in a house outside their means). Roseanne Barr, star of Roseanne, who played a character named Roseanne that was based on the life of the actor, is currently on the Shortlist for Green Party Vice Presidential Nomination. Wow. I personally don’t watch the news and don’t follow politics. Actually, I don’t even have access to broadcast television. But, apparently, back in Feb, Rosie was making a push to get the G-Party nom. I’m guessing they made a Roseanne reunion episode focusing on this…but I must have missed it. It is laid down like this from

The comedian and TV star launched her campaign for the left-leaning third party’s presidential nomination in February, but despite her very public (and colorful) Twitter proclamations and national television appearances, she finished far behind Jill Stein in the delegate count. Ben Manski, Stein’s campaign manager, told The Washington Post that Barr is “one of the people who was on the short­list,” for vice president, making it possible that Barr’s scheduled speech is an acceptance speech. If she gets the nod, she’ll bring more attention to her pet issues: pot legalization, ending homeowner and credit card debt, cutting taxes and enacting healthcare for all.

This is news. I like when former Hollywood types go into politics. It always ends up going so well.

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