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Product Review: ARTS Inner Earbuds

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Product Review: ARTS Inner Earbuds

While the plain black headphone cords go unnoticed by many, there are doubtlessly some fashion forward individuals that detest the bland and simple design. Well, chicBuds have decided to change it up with their ARTS Inner Earbuds. These flat-corded earbud headphones have designer printed designs that make them an accessory rather than something to be blend into the background. PROS:

  • They don’t tangle. This is great considering that I always toss my headphones into some bag or another, only to spend an absurd amount of time untangling the mess I’ve made
  • They have pretty cool designs, if only a few currently, that will appeal to a variety of different people. Designs: Blue Graffiti, Pink Leopard, and Zebra Print. Granted, the colors tend more toward the pink and powder blue than anything else
  • They aren’t horribly expensive when compared to some other headphones, even if they aren’t the cheapest either
  • There are three different sizes of interchangeable inner earbud pieces so that size isn’t a concern


  • The sound is fairly average, not really a con, but not really a notable feature either
  • They feel a bit heavier than the traditional cord variety which makes them a little uncomfortable at times
  • There is a bit more pressure in my ear (would that be my inner ear?) than my traditional inner ear headphones and it creates an awkward feel, although not really painful or uncomfortable

Overall, while they are quite fashionable, they don’t offer more than their tradition counterparts in the way of comfort and sound quality. That is something that each person will have to weigh on their own and see where fashion fits in on their list of music priorities. Price: $ 29.99

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