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Monsters of Social Media


Monsters of Social Media

We all know that Lady Gaga is the premier source for female pop culture super stardom (barely inching out Justin Beiber). Some call her a monster. Others call her Lady Gaga. More interesting is the people behind Lady Gaga. ThinkTankDigital. Think of them as digital garden growers, capable of launching 1,000 careers. Lady Gaga is the de facto music 2.0 case study and ThinkTank Digital was the agency behind her runaway success. When Think Tank’s Tynicka Battle and Amina Elshahawi met Lady Gaga in 2008 she was an unorthodox artist with a “disco stick” and a promising single. Throughout Think Tank’s two-and-a-half year campaign for Lady Gaga, which concluded in November 2010, the pop star evolved into the first true superstar of the digital age becoming the first online franchise to: reach one billion online video views, the most followed person on Twitter, and a top “Liked” person on Facebook. By connecting personally with her fans online, the “Social Media Monster” made her digital fame translate to tangible success turning the music and digital worlds upside down. As Lady Gaga’s Digital Agency of Record, ThinkTank Digital has flown under the radar since 2006, quietly playing a leading role in social media marketing for some of the hottest music acts of the day, including: Black Eyed Peas, Michael Jackson, and Motown; for movies (Tyler Perry), leading corporate brands (Pepsi, Nokia), and social action – the 2010 US Census and the award-winning documentaries “Waiting For Superman,” and “Countdown To Zero.” ThinkTank Digital’s partners Tynicka Battle (36) and Amina Elshahawi (29) are creative and highly energetic women who have bootstrapped their fledgling agency into a bi-coastal presence.Their timing was certainly right – Social media was emerging as a force when ThinkTank Digital, was established, January 2006, to provide cutting-edge social media, digital marketing, branding, publicity, and interactive promotions for leading, and emerging, music artists, motion pictures, and consumer brands. But the agency’s success is the result of Tynicka and Amina’s passion for digital marketing, intuition and tireless energy. ThinkTank has also created online social media marketing campaigns for: Universal Music Group, Sony, Pepsi, 2010 US Census, The Bombay Company, Nokia, Lionsgate Entertainment.

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