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iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks and My iPhone: A Book Review


iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks and My iPhone: A Book Review

With the rate at which tablets and mobile devices are being developed, updated and purchased, it is important that there are books being developed to help assist and create ease with their use. Two separate books were published through Que Publishing, which is an imprint of Pearson. Jason R. Rich brings iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks and Brad Miser releases My iPhoneFifth Edition. One is set up to help with the use of the iPad 2 and the iOS 5 software update as well as the iPhone 4/4s, whereas the latter covers the iPhone from 3GS and later. It is easy for the average tech user to buy products and not use them to their full capacity. If that were the case, why buy the products at all? With iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks, there are instructions on how to personalize your iPad 2 and iPhone with advice on the best apps to suit each user. The colored detailed photographs and step-by-step direction are great for new users as well as existing ones. An entire portion dedicated to making the most of social networking apps, which is really where technology is going.  Every social media outlet seems to have between 2-10 different apps to choose from, and there is advice on the best route to take. For the more advanced users a section dedicated to syncing and sharing files using iCloud is extremely helpful. My iPhone: Fifth Edition is slightly more detailed and specializes in the iPhone and different techniques and short cuts. As with the other book, this one also gives a better understanding of iCloud and how it functions, as well as syncing it to your computer, it is detailed for anyone new to the iCloud feature. Many of the other topics covered are fairly basic in terms of anyone who has owned an iPhone, a majority of these features can also be utilized with an iTouch as well.  The graphics used are very detailed and help with the step by step navigation for the user which is very useful when using the phone while going through the book.

Both of these books are available for $24.99.
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