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Internet Slang Decoded


Internet Slang Decoded

If you’re like me you often find yourself struggling to decipher the language of the internet. Internet slang has become a necessity in the world of social media, email, mobile phone text messaging, chat rooms, and more. Abbreviating phrases is extremely helpful because these sources often limit the amount of characters their users can type with. However, deciphering the various slang terms can prove difficult for anyone who isn’t used to seeing words like AFAIR, BFN, or TBH on their computer and phone screens. Lucky for us, the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary has released the 9th edition of their app for iPhone, iPad, and Android Mobile Devices. The app comes with 900 new definitions from various areas and fields. Below I have listed the top 25 internet slang terms featured on the app. Next time you’re sitting at your computer or staring at your phone confused by a message that says “OMG my OH is my BFF I am ROFL IYKWIM” be sure to flip through your Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary before you text back “WTF”.

Top 25:

AFAIK: as far as I know.

AFAIR: as far as I remember.

AFK: away from the keyboard.

BF: boyfriend, bestfriend.

BFF: best friend forever.

BFN: bye for now.

BRB: be right back.

DD: darling daughter.

DW: 1. darling wife; 2. don’t worry.

GF: girlfriend.

HTH: hope this helps.

IDK: I don’t know.

IMHO: in my (humble) opinion.

IYKWIM: if you know what I mean.

MYOB: mind your own business.

NSFW: not safe (or suitable) for work.

OH: other half (a person’s wife, husband or partner).

OMG: oh my God (used to express surprise, excitement, etc.).

ROFL: roll(ing) on the floor laughing (used to show that you find something extremely funny).

TBH: to be honest.

TMI: too much information (used to say that somebody has given some personal information that is embarassing).

TTFN: ta-ta for now (to say goodbye to somebody).

TTYL: talk to you later (used when ending a message to somebody or a conversation).

YMMV: your mileage may vary (used to say that people may experience a particular thing in different ways).

YOLO (often written as #YOLO): you only live once (used especially on the Internet to say that people should take every opportunity to enjoy life, or to excuse something stupid that you have done).

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