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How and Why Americans Are Using Their iPads at Work


How and Why Americans Are Using Their iPads at Work

Leading business video platform provider Qumu recently published the results of a survey exploring the use of mobile video and mobile devices in the workplace. The survey, which polled 2,510 Americans 18 years and older, found that men are much more likely to admit to watching an online video while at work with 53% of men admitting it while only 34% of women did the same. The method of watching these videos (work computer, personal computer, mobile device, or other) was not included in the survey. However, the survey did find that 50% of online Americans were at least somewhat aware of the possible adverse effect that watching video could have on the speed and bandwidth of the company’s wireless network. In addition to watching online videos, the study found that online Americans believe mobile devices are often used for something other than work at the office. In fact, 74% believe that people use those devices to do things they would not normally do on their work computer. What Americans believe people are using those devices for is as follows: Look for another primary job (52%), visit an online dating website (47%), look for a side job (46%), research embarrassing illness/condition (37%), shop for lingerie/underwear (33%), and investigate plastic surgery options (20%). Furthermore, 63% of online Americans believe that the use of mobile devices in the workplace has even spread in to meetings, where people are believed to be sneaking peeks at their devices. Qumu’s survey found that Americans believed that workers were using the following methods to sneak a peek: Hiding their mobile device under the table (47%), excusing themselves to go to the restroom (42%), hiding their mobile device in their folders/notebooks/papers (35%), pretending to tie their shoes (9%), and creating a distraction (8%). Perhaps surprisingly, 37% of Americans did not believe that sneaking a peek was necessary

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