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Hotel Check In Apps


Hotel Check In Apps

When does an app become less helpful, and more of a problem? Honestly, most of the time. With the recent influx of app happy devices, and tech savvy companies, the trend to put every imaginable task on in the hands of consumers is almost out of control. The hospitality industry is weighing heavily on this issue as its consumer base runs the gamut in age and technological development. Hotels and restaurants are rushing to push the next technology to the streets. Consumers are the clear lifeblood for these businesses, so it makes sense that every available comfort and commodity is made. But, it comes at a price, and often not a fair one. From The New York Times:

“It’s a fair question, considering many hoteliers now give away apps that are tied to a specific property. The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group recently released “MO Hotels,” a nicely-polished app with local restaurants and attractions listed by proximity, among other features. In New York, the Mandarin’s iPad app can open the shades in the room and turn off the lights. The Marriott Annapolis Waterfront’s iPhone app lets you schedule a wake-up call or request a taxi.”

Hotels and amenities go hand in hand, that’s for sure. And it is good to see many hotels going out of their way to reach out to customers in order to make their stay easier. But the problem is all the other chains, whose idea of a quality app lean towards a mobile web page. I can agree on how some of these conveniences may increase the quality of your stay. But, if you are paying $10 for an app that opens your shades, is that worth it? Would you pay the bellboy $10 to open them for you?

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