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Hey Dad: Top 10 TV Dads


Hey Dad: Top 10 TV Dads

Father’s Day is almost here. That means it is time to break out the grills and prepare for some fond memories. It also means we get to reminisce about our favorite dads on tv, and all their boneheaded decisions. In keeping with socialtechpop tradition, our top ten list will probably not include the normal in terms of TV dads (Homer Simpson, Al Bundy, Peter Griffin…etc). Let’s explore the annals of television history, and go beyond simply reciting dads from shows that we happen to watch, or have seen recently.
10.  Dr. Peter Benton from ER Eriq la Salle is the most known African American actor. His role in ER started as a simple surgeon, but quickly expanded to include father duty. Whether or not you agree with La Salle’s ability to father based on his love for punching the air, he did a great job of being there for his deaf son. Despite any ill feelings he had towards Reese’s biological father, La Salle adopted Reese and raised him as his own. That takes dedication. Congrats Eriq, call me later for your award.

9. Michael Taylor and Joey Harris from My Two Dads What’s better than one dad? Two dads! Especially when one is Paul Reiser. As for Greg Evigan…he makes a good other guy. Nonetheless, the two dads may not be friends, but they sure united for the sake of young Nicole. Us normal people can only hope to have that level of love and devotion when it comes to fathering the child of a woman that you used to have casual relations with.

8. Michael Bluth from Arrested Development Jason Bateman was spot on as a teen wolf in Teen Wolf Too. But as a dad, he is just remarkable! Buying bikes for George Michael, taking George Michael on road trips to Mexico, and letting George Michael run the banana stand. Bateman does such a great job that he even takes the time to get to know George Michael’s girlfriend Egg Ann.

7. Major John MacGillis from Major Dad Mac may be a hardheaded marine, but he has a heart of gold. He has the patience of Michael Gross while dealing with his pacifist liberal wife, but that’s life for you! Gerald McRaney is spot on leading his family like any other infantry, but he is sure to take the time to go on camping trips and yell at his daughter’s boyfriends. Oh yeah, did I mention he is a Major in the marines!

6. Jack Arnold from the Wonder Years The Wonder Years brought TV viewers back to a wondrous time when America was ripe with possibility and athletes didn’t use steroids. Mr. Arnold (not to be confused with Mr. Arnold) is another hard headed dad with a heart of gold. While he does his best to attempt to relate to his hippie generation kids, he just can’t. But that doesn’t stop him from being there for his kids. Until of course he dies in 1975.

5. Dexter Morgan from Dexter Arthur Mitchell may be a better choice for best father, but I think Michael C. Hall as Dexter should win father of the year! He is dedicated, working full time, providing Harrison with top of the line Scottish nannies, and compassionate in showing his love. Whether Dexter is taking his child on a stroller ride through the neighborhood, or out to a van to brush for blood stains, Dexter is always looking out for his family.

4. Eric Camden from 7th Heaven He is a pastor, not unlike Stephen Schwartz, but he is so much more. He has a large family, and is a father to all his kid’s friends. Camden remains as the only person capable of taming the wild Barry Watson, but he doesn’t stop there. While encouraging his children to be the best they can be, he teaches lessons in life, yells at Jessica Biel, and brings home the bacon.

3.  Jimmy Hughes from Yes, Dear Jimmy is played by the versatile Mike O’Malley.



2. Hal Karp from Undeclared Possibly the most underrated dad in history, Hal is the epitome of possibility for fathers around the world. After splitting with his wife, Hal doesn’t become a run of the mill deadbeat dad. He does what any loving father would do…get an apartment close to your son’s college and party with him. Yup, that’s right, Hal takes his separation as a challenge to attend parties with young Steven Karp (Jay Baruchel). That’s just cool.

1. Tony Micelli from Who’s the Boss? Tony Danza is your dad. Best day ever! Let’s up the stakes. Danza is a former professional baseball player who wants to leave the frightful lights of New York for something better…and more simple. Enter a leafy road, a blue van, and Fairfield, Connecticut. Imagine, if you will, that you are a parent. Would you have the guts to drag your daughter on a road trip to take a job as a live in maid for a stranger? Didn’t think so. Danza’s love for Samantha knows no bounds, and he is willing to clean every set of drapes with any vacuum he can find just to ensure her happiness. Be sure to check out the Top Tv Moms as well.

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