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Got An Itch? 1 in 4 Americans Will Contract an STD in Their Lifetime



Got An Itch? 1 in 4 Americans Will Contract an STD in Their Lifetime

Biem, the world’s first virtual sexual health practice, recently launched in New York City with the goal of redefining the sexual health care experience for a new generation.

More Americans are putting off medical care than ever before; at the same time, STD rates in the U.S. are at an all time high. Biem is a response to this growing national epidemic, founded with the aim of eliminating the awkwardness, shame and inconvenience that prevents people from getting tested and talking to their sexual partners about health and STDs. Biem serves as an alternative to WebMD’s all-or-nothing diagnoses and the fear mongering tactics of online health clickbait. The platform offers a fact-based option aimed at merging convenience with personalized care.Biem Lips

Uniquely, Biem is a mobile app that operates in conjunction with its very own dedicated virtual medical practice. This means that Biel maintains end-to-end control over the process, ensuring an efficient, empathetic and judgement-free experience. By hand-picking specialists that share Biem’s passion for dissolving sexual health stigmas and providing comprehensive care, Biem has built a team solely devoted to one purpose: making it easy and painless for users to seek out information about sexual health concerns and take action, as needed.

It eradicates opportunities for inaction by easily and discreetly allowing users to talk one-on-one with sexual healthcare providers, get tested from home, receive secure results directly to their phones, and seamlessly show verified results to sexual partners. Users can even receive anonymous notifications if someone they’ve connected with on the app tests positive for an STD within the next 6 months.

Biem does not require a subscription to use and complies with all medical regulations to ensure that patients are receiving the best care. In order to comply with these regulations, users must see one of Biem’s healthcare providers via video chat prior to getting tested. The cost for this session is $45. Once the session is complete, the patient will get tested through one of Biem’s lab partners, which accept most insurance plans. If a user would prefer to get tested at home, there is an additional cost of $45. As lab partners currently exist throughout the United States, Biem’s services are slated to expand to ten major US cities by mid 2018.Biem App

Bryan Stacy, Biem’s founder and CEO, developed the concept after being diagnosed with chlamydia and testicular cancer on the very same day.

“I realized that the worst part of the entire experience was the two-month period before I was diagnosed — the time during which I felt something was wrong, but rationalized it away,” says Bryan about the inspiration behind Biem. A digital strategist experienced in how to orchestrate each element of a digital transformation, he conceived of Biem in order to offer a solution to this disparagingly common situation. “I knew I had to eliminate the barriers that keep people in this damaging loop.”

At Biem, the goal is to eradicate the stigmas that surround sexual health and empower people to take action. False assumptions, misunderstood facts and debilitating fears result in a reluctance to seek information. Through an information-forward approach, Biem proves that being armed with information is powerful and preferable to living in fear.

Biem provides the tools necessary to enable this change and redefine the social standard for sexual health — empowering people to live healthfully without fear.

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