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Friday Fab Five: Top 5 E-Card Websites


Friday Fab Five: Top 5 E-Card Websites

It’s defiantly rough not be around your loved ones during the holiday season. But a way to spread your love, or even just to cheer up someone’s day is to send them a little holiday e-card! I know I’ll be sending e-cards to all those that I wont be seeing for the holidays. So here are the top 5 e-card websites that I came across. 1. Ojolie: I love this e-card website, you can send out cards for all sorts of holidays. The e-cards are beautiful and can cheer pretty much anyone up. You can even send out corporate e-cards if you feel you need to be professional. 2. Punchbowl: I know I have written about before but I can’t help it, they have great party planning cards! Especially for the holidays their card selections are pretty amazing. 3. E-motioncards: One thing I love is interactive cards and this e-card website has just that. You can send e-card to friends and family or even to couple on 4. Vervecards: A good card is very artisit and has a very colorful and artistic card collection. 5. Artleaf: Again amazing, artistic and creative cards can be found at I really liked this site and loved what they had to offer. Happy Friday everyone!!

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