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First Growth Venture Network Is Nurturing Baby Entrepreneurs


First Growth Venture Network Is Nurturing Baby Entrepreneurs

First Growth Venture Network, a program based in New York City for high potential, seed and early stage start-up tech entrepreneurs, is pleased to announce that the application process for its third vintage is now open. Edward Zimmerman, chair of the Tech Group at law firm Lowenstein Sandler and First Growth Venture Network co-founder said “First Growth Venture Network is dedicated to nurturing these entrepreneurs and creating the best possible conditions for them to grow into best-of-breed companies.” FGVN accelerates the first growth of promising entrepreneurs by first, connecting them with its team of advisors made up of venture capitalists, angel investors and successful entrepreneurs, all of whom have spent years in and around tech start-ups; second, providing ample time for small group meetings with advisors; third, providing substantive information and networking across the entire FGVN community; and fourth, fostering a peer group of similar tech leadership teams within the FGVN program.

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