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Facebook Phone or FacePhone…or even Phone Book?

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Facebook Phone or FacePhone…or even Phone Book?

Let’s cut to the chase. There is this happy little book called Facebook. It is filled with teeny boppers that pat themselves on the back. On the other side of the universe, there are cell phones, or smart phones, or mobile devices (whatever the hell you want to call them). But now, there are rumors flying around that Facebook wants to make a phone. It will be called Phone Book. Sorry Yellow Pages, but get ready for a law suit. Obviously I am just joking about the name, but the product may be a reality. Even though many skeptics wonder what the point would be. Critics are saying a Facebook phone is the perfect solution to a problem nobody has. The current state of mobile/social technology marries together both platforms with certain accuracy. But, despite this, Facebook continues to reach toward higher ground. Rumors are swirling about a collaboration with HTC that would birth a Facebook home base as the phone’s center. Think ChromeBooks. A website dedicated to Android released what it says are screen shots of a preliminary version of whatever it is Facebook is building. And a Twitter account called @evleaks posted a picture of a phone called “HTC First”, said to be the phone. Thoughts?

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