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Fab Five Friday: Top 5 News Sites


Fab Five Friday: Top 5 News Sites

With September 11th right around the corner, news sites are already filling up with articles for those who were victims to the 9/11 attack that happened 10 years ago. I remember I was in the 5th grade on September 11th 2001. I remember leaving for school when the second plane hit and my dad jumped out of his chair freaking out. It was a sad day, even for a fifth graders. Now ten years later, America honors and remembers the victims of that horrible day. These top news sites that will be honoring 9/11. 1. has been having remembrance stories on 9/11 for a few weeks now. not only has world news and nation news but is also known for having gossip news as well. It’s the news site that has been having 9/11 articles for about the past two weeks now. To read up on 9/11, is the site to go to. 2. has always been a credible news site. It’s a great site for world news and nation news. already has a special tab for 9/11 stories and articles. To get great news coverage on 9/11, check out 3. is a very credible news site as well. For world news and national news can help you out. There is actually an article that is a pretty unique 9/11 article on It’s called “10 Years Later TV Stills Struggles To Capture 9/11.” For articles like this, would be a site to check out. 4. I think most of America has heard of The New York Times. Of course will have news coverage over 9/11. For news on politics, New York, and world News; is the site to go to. 5. The is an internet newspaper, news blog and video community. This news site is becoming more and more popular and it’s a great source to use. Since the is a news blog and video community, you betcha there will be 9/11 articles. For such a sad day, it seems America comes together on 9/11, to remember the victims and heroes of that day.

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