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Entrepreneur Commons – Chicago Chapter – October 21, 2010


Entrepreneur Commons – Chicago Chapter – October 21, 2010

What is Entrepreneur Commons: Entrepreneur Commons ( is a network of entrepreneurs that provides peer-support. Entrepreneurs meet on a regular basis (typically once a month) to share issues and successes on their current projects with other entrepreneurs. These meetings are an opportunity for all to exchange information, knowledge and contacts in a trusted environment. Members of Entrepreneur Commons also have access to the global network of entrepreneurs who have already joined local chapters in other places, or who have joined the online community through the Entrepreneur Commons Academy ( Currently there are 11 cities with active chapters. What is the format of the meeting: The program consist of monthly closed-group meetings (5 to 20 entrepreneurs per group) where entrepreneurs can share successes and challenges, so that all can benefit from good news and all can contribute to resolve issues. It also includes regular (semi-annual) meetings with an extended group of partners from the entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as regular adhoc classes provided through the online peer-learning platform. There is no dollar cost for attending, the real cost of the meetings is the time it will take away from other things, which is a real commitment for an entrepreneur. And this is also the only way entrepreneurs will get value out of the meetings, because the level of information shared at the first meeting is not the same as the level of information shared after 6 months of interacting on a regular basis. The value you get out of the process is directly related to the investment you put into this process. Where we are today: There are today approximately 200 entrepreneurs spread over 15 chapters in 11 cities, as mentioned earlier. We are also currently talking to several organizations to establish new chapters or partnerships in Asia (Shanghai, Bangalore) and in Europe (Barcelona, Athens, Edinburgh), plus new cities in the US. This chapter is hosted by Foley and Lardner LLP, and attendance to the meeting is by registration only.

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