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Content Strategy, For The Web — A Book Review


Content Strategy, For The Web — A Book Review

With the rate at which businesses are using the web it’s important that no one goes into it blind. Content Strategy For The Web was written by Kristina Halvorson and Melissa Rach and published by Peachpit. It covers every aspect of content strategy, which makes it a valuable business asset. Content Strategy For The Web gives insight into content strategy such as:

  • Why so much content on the web is bad
  • Content strategy for beginners – understanding it’s importance for achieving business goals
  • How companies can get ahead of the game with content strategy
  • The role of content strategy in succeeding long-term with mobile, social media, SEO, etc.
  • The 5A’s for kicking off content strategy
  • When to use in-house or an outside consultant for content strategy

Halvorson states, “Companies are constantly hit with a tidal wave of content, from websites and blogs to social media accounts and intranets…content strategy helps them figure to figure out not just what they need, but why, how, when and where they need it.” Having an edge in web content and developing a strategy to compete with other companies in the same field is the biggest asset as a business over in the current climate. This book is available for $29.99 through,,, and through all major booksellers.

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