Connect with us Launches, Joining The Deal-A-Day Gang And Helping In The Japan Relief

Lifestyle Launches, Joining The Deal-A-Day Gang And Helping In The Japan Relief (“sing”) announced their launch into the deal-a-day marketplace joining the ranks of Groupon, Living Social, and Gilt City. With the launch, Cing will be donating 50% of their entire first day commission profits to the American Red Cross in support of the Japan Tsunami relief fund. Headquartered in Chicago, will focus their deal offerings on three main aspects, which include: real-time deals, hyper local deals, and social invitations for your purchased deals.  As consumers continue to face tough economic times, yet still wish to be social, Cing will offer an array of deals using the buying model to offer 50% to 90% off goods and services from local businesses. Much like the stock exchange, Cing will also match buyers with sellers. Their real time platform gives business owners true control of their offerings. Anthos Chrysanthou, founder of, further explained, “If a merchant is having a slow night, they can put an offer into our system and users can choose between that and multiple other offers, based on location and the time they want to go eat. I am someone who is always looking for new places to eat in my neighborhood, so it only made sense for us to make this a main feature of the site.” Merchants can now look past the days when they would have to wait to hear when their deal would be featured. Cing puts the control in the hands of the Merchants, allowing them to decide when their deals will be featured and encouraging them to post deals more often. Not only does this benefit the merchants (total control and repeat customers), but users can track these merchants and become VIPs in order to get deals targeted specifically at them. With Cing’s hyper local approach, they will not just place you into a general area, such as “Chicago” or “New York” deals. These large markets or “buckets”, as we like to call them, can be very extensive and are not user friendly as we feel users want to see deals that are relevant to them. If you have a 50% off voucher to a restaurant, that’s great–but if you now have to drive 45 minutes away to get to the other end of Chicago, that deal is not as attractive anymore-which is why Cing factors in location (ie-1.8 miles from your house) into 
the algorithms for determining deal value to the consumer. Not only does Cing plan to use a more “hyper local” approach to deals; they also have a main focus on all things social surrounding the deals consumers’ purchase. “There are some activities like paint balling that just can’t be done by yourself, which is why we’ve created the auto-creation of a Facebook event around the purchase of your Cing voucher” Anthos stated.
Cing is launching nationwide and is growing quickly. With over 10,000 users already, Cing continues to service the consumer community on a global level by partnering with Red Cross to donate proceeds towards the Japan relief fund. Cing wishes to create a unified community effort to support the commercial market by developing an atmosphere of giving back.
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