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Changing the Face of Education: New School Solutions to Old School Challenges


Changing the Face of Education: New School Solutions to Old School Challenges

The I AM 4 Kids Foundation & Pocket Literacy Coach Form Strategic Alliance In a shining example of how for-profit companies and non-for-profit charities can work together for a common goal, two Chicago organizations have teamed up to help empower kids and begin changing the face of the educational system in our country. Pocket Literacy Coach (PLC) is now a corporate sponsor of The I AM 4 Kids Foundation whose empowerment program is taught in elementary schools.  With this relationship, PLC and the I AM 4 Kids foundation can maximize their communities and social networks to make a difference. The Pocket Literacy Coach program is a text messaging service (also known as SMS – Short Messaging Service) designed for parents of 2-6 year olds. The Pocket Literacy Coach sends a daily text message to your cell phone with a short literacy lesson that you can use with your child to help them build their emerging literacy skills. These mini-lessons are designed by a Ph.D. literacy scholar and team of teachers. The objective of the PLC program is to provide parents with creative and fun research-based lessons to use with their kids. The most basic benefits of the PLC mini-lessons are that the text messages serve as both a daily reminder and they provide an easy learning activity for parents to use. PLC mini-lessons will extend your personal knowledge and give you confidence that you are constantly providing a stimulating environment for you youngsters! I am 4 kids “I can’t thank the people at the Sync Tech Center enough.  They facilitated the introduction of PLC and myself and we negotiated the deal over a few drinks at the Sip at the SYNC (an informal networking event held each Friday afternoon) said Mark Papadas I Am 4 Kids founder. The I AM 4 Kids program provides children the opportunity to decide for themselves at a crucial age “who they are”. It starts them on the path to success in whatever they choose – while stressing the importance of continuous learning. As more children go through I AM 4 Kids, school will become the “new cool.” “This was a deal that just made sense. About 30 minutes into the meeting, we had the basis of a deal done.  Our missions are synergistic to each other and this alliance will only make each of us stronger.” said Papadas. Social Tech Pop looks forward to the growth of this partnership in hopes the two will be able to truly help the youth of America in these hard times of change within the American education system.

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