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Celebs to Tell the #RealWalmartStory at the Oscars



Celebs to Tell the #RealWalmartStory at the Oscars

Making Change at Walmart (MCAW) launched a Celebrity Accountability Campaign on Tuesday aimed at the Academy Awards and the celebrities who are partnering with Walmart at this year’s Oscars. The campaign has already received thousands of responses to Hollywood’s big Blockbuster misdirect of the real Walmart story and are planning their next series of actions.

Award-winning filmmakers Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Antoine Fuqua, and Marc Forster have been chosen to tell Walmart’s “story” in three 60 second commercials that will air during the Academy Awards this year as part of Walmart’s “commitment to the art of storytelling.”

However, the real Walmart story is anything but deserving of red carpet treatment.

The Celebrity Accountability Campaign launched yesterday with a full page ad in Variety Magazine that the organization calls a “letter to Hollywood.” MCAW has also circulated the Dear Hollywood letter to their network and started an online petition which has garnered over 7,000 signatures in less than 24 hours. The organization plans to deliver the petitions to the filmmakers.

The full Dear Hollywood letter and petition can be found here.

The Celebrity Accountability Campaign also includes social media actions aimed at Walmart, the Academy, and the celebrities who are participating in this year’s Walmart cover up at the Oscars, and, given the outpouring of petition signatures, they plan to release their own commercial in response to Rogen, Goldberg, Forster, and Fuqua’s ads. MCAW is also planning an on-the-ground action during Oscars weekend in Hollywood, CA.

“For years the rich and famous have performed at Walmart shareholder meetings, enjoyed exclusive promotional deals, and have profited from selling their products in Walmart stores, all while many Walmart workers, some of whom are fans of these very celebrities, are paid so poorly they rely on food stamps and Medicaid to survive. It’s time their stories are told instead of silenced by celebrity art.” says Parraz.


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