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Book Review: The Good Fail


Book Review: The Good Fail

We have another entrepreneur who publishes a book about the rises and falls in his business career. Richard Keith Latman, the founder of the beleaguered budget PC manufacturer Microworkz, presents a part autobiography, part how-to guide for entrepreneurs everywhere. The Good Fail Richard Keith Latman Latman is an entrepreneur who has started 11 companies over the past 20 years, including iMagicLab,, RetailTRAC and MicroPOS. However, do not take this impressive list for granted because he has faced numerous challenges as well, some were devastating. In the book The Good Fail, Latman gives a quite personal recall of his life up to this point and his business endeavors. Perhaps he was not the luckiest guy from the beginning but as he puts it, he always knew what he really wanted for the future. He tried so hard to talk his way into college, but dropped out after earning an A in a political science class because he knew “if I could get an A in one of the most difficult classes at the university in my first semester, it was quite unlikely there were still challenges to be overcome.” From here one could somehow see his strong determination and drive. Therefore, when Microworkz went out of business, instead of his first attempt to end everything with the Glock 9 mm that he kept in his desk, Latman realized that he still had a chip in his hand and he took the chance and started over. Latman’s challenges not only came from his business alone, but also from his troubled relationship with his wife, the media’s attack, etc. Moreover, troubles came back and forth. But thanks to the fact that he always knows what he wants, his perseverance and endurance remind him to not to be an over-achiever but instead, starting over and over again from the bottom where his feet stand. Another thing that Latman is good at, which he expresses throughout the chapters, is that he focuses on the most up to date technologies and always use his enthusiasm and knowledge in IT to cater to the current generation’s needs, which guarantees that he will not be abandoned entirely by the market. The book is a personal history in making success and getting over hardship in life. When reading Latman’s experience, one can feel as if he is riding a roller coaster all the time. Sometimes there is hope, but soon another crisis may come into play which makes one even wonder when will there be an end. However, what is precious about him is that he always possesses a positive tone and a strong will in his voice. This is perhaps one of the most important and beneficial traits of an entrepreneur that the readers may want to learn from him.

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