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BitTorrent Hires New VP of Marketing to Drive Apps Expansion


BitTorrent Hires New VP of Marketing to Drive Apps Expansion

From BitTorrent: BitTorrent Inc., a technology company engineering transformative new products to accelerate the discovery, distribution and delivery of media over the Internet, appointed Shahi Ghanem as chief strategist and executive vice president of marketing. “We are thrilled that the BitTorrent story continues to attract high caliber talent,” said Eric Klinker, CEO of BitTorrent. “Shahi’s considerable experience in digital media, and growing industry relationships as well as his ability to offer thoughtful insights will be advantageous as we explore opportunities with content, artists and apps. We are very pleased to have him join us and accelerate the BitTorrent strategy.” Ghanem will be responsible for defining new strategic initiatives of the company and overseeing a significant marketing investment. He has worked with dozens of startups and has strong expertise in digital media, Internet advertising, consumer electronics and advanced technology development. Ghanem is a technology industry veteran, serial entrepreneur, and venture capital investor and advisor. As president of DivX, Inc., one of the world’s leading developers of video compression, digital rights management and media language technologies, he helped lead the company from a pre-revenue startup into a profitable, multi-national, public company. While with DivX, he was instrumental in forging relationships with several major Hollywood studios and every major chip and consumer electronics manufacturer in the world. Recent roles have included CEO of digital media start-ups including STL (helps Fortune 500 companies manage, distribute and measure digital assets), EmpowHER (a health media company dedicated to female health and wellness), and Brickfish (an Internet advertising and social media company that delivers campaigns and metrics to clients in the fashion, sports, electronics and consumer products industries). “BitTorrent is perfectly positioned to make a positive and lasting impact on the media ecosystem,” said Ghanem. “More than 80 million people around the world already use the company’s BitTorrent Mainline and mTorrent software – making BitTorrent one of the largest networks in the world. This gives us the ability to create innovative new models for content creators, software developers and device manufacturers. Our initial foray into the apps and consumer electronics markets have already yielded significant success and our new artist program is showing promise.  I’m extremely pleased to join the BitTorrent team and I look forward to helping grow the company’s success.”

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