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BankSimple: Managing Money without a Headache


BankSimple: Managing Money without a Headache

Whenever I hear the words “fiscal,” “banking,” or “finances,” my jaw clenches up. Anything related to money or banks puts my brain into immediate lockdown: no information goes in or out, batten down the hatches, block all the exits. The last thing I need is to get swarmed by legalese locusts and unknowingly agree to some awful banking scheme that robs me of my money, my home, and my impressive collection of outdated video games. Which is why I’m exceptionally grateful for the banking decrypters at BankSimple, which promises to be a “worry-free alternative to traditional personal banking.” BankSimple isn’t actually a bank: it works with chartered banks who provide FDIC-insured products that help them develop their web and mobile apps. BankSimple lets you know how much money you (realistically) have to spend, organizes your financial goals in a visually appealing manner, and provides personalized customer support with a variety of communicative options. BankSimple is currently under private employee testing, and BankSimple cards are only available in New York, Portland and San Francisco. They plan to launch later this year though, so hopefully my days of being constantly intimidated by my financial statements will come to an end.

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