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Athletes Abide Among Ailing Atrocities


Athletes Abide Among Ailing Atrocities

Extra, extra, writer makes useless and totally unrelated headline out of alliteration! Yeah, I know, but watch this: the following article is on social media rules for athletes. Boom. Know you now. But yeah, you’ve all heard of this social media fad going on these days. It’s up there with baggy pants and giga-pets. So it was only a matter of time before a set of rules were established for the world’s worst role models…athletes. With the Olympics looming ahead (as well as the end of the world), officials have finally taken a stance to promote and create a protocol for athletes to abide by during the games. While utilizing the social function is encouraged, athletes must approach it with tact and grace. From

  • Restrictions on the ability to advertise or use social media for commercial uses.
  • Promotion of brands, products, and services are not permitted.
  • Athletes should tweet and post updates in first-person accounts, not in the format of a journalist.
  • Athletes and accredited persons are restricted from producing and distributing video and audio from any events.
  • In the spirit of good sportsmanship, athletes are not allowed to make comment of their competitors performance.
  • Vulgar and obscene words or images are not allowed. Athletes are encouraged to use social media in a dignified way that shows good taste.

Yeah. All that. While other organizations have had limited say in how their athletes use social media (outside of not tweeting or updating during a game), the UFC is moving forward with a system that will reward fighters for using and growing Twitter followers. Zoinks. New goal: learn to fight. Care about Twitter. Grow Twitter following. Don’t die in fight.

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