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A Secret Code to Wealth: Book Review


A Secret Code to Wealth: Book Review

Dr. Jerry Lockhart’s self-published A Secret Code to Wealth focuses on topics ranging from investment and estate planning to the steps required for creating a secure, seven-year retirement plan. As a CPA with over 40 years of experience in accounting and tax industry fields, he uses his extensive knowledge to create worksheets and extensive guides for those looking to ensure their future and build a “million-dollar nest egg.” The book is presented in an unwieldy, outline-like format and filled with excessive, awkward phrasing (“At the bare minimum, you should earn as much as possible ,” 7) and multiple appeals to continue reading.  Although Lockhart states that people need to begin planning for retirement as early as possible, the book’s intention to appeal to a wide, varied audience seems forced–it focuses on career and education planning, as well as estate planning and retirement. Either the book is trying to gain the notice of college-age audiences, or it assumes that the general public can switch careers and pursue further education with ease.

While some of the information may prove invaluable to an older audience with secure professions, the general public may encounter difficulty adhering to the advice, which relies on assumptions that their debt is manageable and that they can set aside at least 20% of each paycheck.   Price: $ 79.97
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