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A History Book That Comes To Life


A History Book That Comes To Life

Historian and publisher Marc Schulman has just released an astonishing array of information, new and old, all about President John F. Kennedy.  With the iPad/iPhone application instead of just reading, it’s more like taking a trip to a museum. The application is called JFK History Maker – a Fifty Year Retrospective and is being officially released on January 20, 2011. This is the date of 50 years after John F Kennedy, Americas 34th President was inaugurated. JFK Historymaker 1.0 is $4.99 (USD) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Reference category. It is being published simultaneously as a book, an ebook in mutiple formats, and as an iPad/iPhone application, all at the same time. Each contains a plethora of high-resolution photographs offering a peek at the people and places figuring in the stages of JFK’s private life.  Included are many of JFK’s key speeches.  A special analysis of JFK’s day-to-day engagements offer a unique vista into the issues confronting him during his presidency. JFK History maker features 36 chronologically ordered chapters, there are 250+ high resolution photographs, the full text of over 200 major addresses and news conferences, more than 60 pages of biographical information.  The iPad application also contains over 35 video clips. While the material in comprehensive, it is extremely readable and organized for easy reference. The presentation in the book and the ebook versions is linear. More than just an eBook with links, the iPad App contains interactive audio and visual educational features that can only be experienced with Apple iPod and iPad technologies. The new digital technologies turn the book into a searchable and zoomable mobile application that allows people to dynamically explore the fascinating detail of JFK’s upbringing, education, personal life, and public service of America’s 34th President.

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