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75% of Americans Keep Their Smartphones Active All Day and Night


75% of Americans Keep Their Smartphones Active All Day and Night

Since the first iPhone was released in 2007, smartphone manufacturers have fed consumer desires for more features and power, while app makers have simplified and automated nearly every aspect of the daily life. All of which makes the device incredibly tantalizing and hard to put down.

ReportLinker conducted a survey to answer three questions:

  • What does a typical day of smartphone use looks like?
  • What do Americans use their smartphones for?
  • And how Millennials interact with their device?

Results show that:

  • 75% of Americans keep their phones active all day and night Including a staggering 83% of Millennials
  • 46% of Americans say they check their smartphones as soon as they wake up
  • Among Millennials, 66% say it’s the first thing they do before getting out of bed

When they first open their smartphones, connecting with friends and relatives is the top priority:

  • More than 30% first open their emails
  • When 30% open social media apps first, among which Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are the most popular

Also, 43% of owners say they upgrade to a newer model every year, while most don’t keep their phones longer than two years.

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